Breezio Partners with BioTreks to Facilitate High School Synthetic Biology Research

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Breezio partners with BioTreks to facilitate high school synthetic biology research

BioTreks is the first international synthetic biology journal to be authored and reviewed by high school students.

Rockville, MD — April 14, 2016 — Breezio, Inc. today announced the release of a virtual conference and competition portal for BioTreks to provide high school synthetic biology students the experience of writing and evaluating scientific research papers and sharing their own synthetic biology ideas, techniques, and results in Breezio, all aimed at publishing an open source professionally edited online journal.

BioTreks pioneers high school synthetic biology research by:

  • Making the scientific publication process available to high school students
  • Supporting team science and collaboration by giving students from around the world the opportunity to meet in Breezio to peer-review research content
  • Providing experts and judges with an easy way to mentor student achievements

“Breezio has partnered with BioTreks in a way that’s never been done before,” said Laura Dress, Director of Customer Experience. “The BioTreks Breezio portal meets students and mentors where they are in order to motivate young scientists to achieve serious goals, master skills, peer-review research content, and contribute to the synthetic biology literature.”

Launching in 2016, BioTreks will host a competition in Breezio every May so that new journal content can be presented and reviewed at an online conference attended by students, mentors, and professional biologists from around the world. Breezio’s dynamic software environment will give participants a chance to engage in dialogue about their work and suggest improvements prior to publication. More importantly, the event will offer students the opportunity to build professional connections that will support their research in years to come.

“Breezio’s collaborative environment inspired us to organize an online conference for high school students,” says David Rozak, Founder of BioTreks. “With Breezio, we hope to make it easier for high school synthetic biology students and mentors to share their ideas and experiences across the distances.

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