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An Interview with TEDCO’s President & Executive Director Robert A. Rosenbaum

By Jamie Lacey-Moreira, Principal & Founder, PressComm PR, LLC (@JamieLaceyPR)

For the second year, the Maryland Entrepreneur Expo will shine a light on successful entrepreneurs in Maryland and impart much needed information and tools for entrepreneurs in a not-so-familiar way. This year, the Expo aims to attract more than 500 attendees. Will you be one of them?

Following is an interview with TEDCO’s Rob Rosenbaum. As the head of one of the organizations responsible for shaping the Expo, he explains a bit about what it means to his organization and what entrepreneurs of all levels and across numerous business sectors can expect from the Expo.

Q. This is the Expo’s second year, what can you share about the original impetus for the event and why it is worth repeating?

We at TEDCO wanted to drive an awareness of global entrepreneurship week and we realized that Maryland didn’t seem to have a statewide event dedicated to entrepreneurs. We drew parties together to get it organized.

Before the expo was even over last year, we were hearing, “When will you do this again?” Holding it as an annual event seemed like a practical solution.

Q. Why is the Expo important to this region?

The Maryland Entrepreneur Expo is a key element of building the entrepreneurial community in this state. It serves to highlight and celebrate the entrepreneur as opposed to a particular industry or type of business.

Q. Who should attend and what can they expect to learn?

We very much target entrepreneurs as the audience and we expect they will learn about starting and growing businesses. We offer programming for those who are only just contemplating that they may want to start a business for those who are well along in their business and need to know the next step and for serial entrepreneurs who are looking for the next big idea (we have technologies on display as well).

Q. Is the Expo designed for any particular vertical or for entrepreneurs of all types?

It’s not focused on a particular business vertical. Any entrepreneur who wants to grow his or her business should attend. That’s what makes this event somewhat unique from many others held in our region.

Q. What was your biggest takeaway from last year?

For me, there was a great satisfaction in seeing 400 people show up for an inaugural event. It validated the need for a program like this.

Q. What do you expect to be different this year?

We are hoping that the crowd grows to 500+ attendees. Also, with a year under our belt, the programming will benefit from what worked well and from adapting around what may have not worked as well. Like entrepreneurs, we’re pivoting a little bit to meet the market.

Q. Can you sum up the Expo in three words?

Sure. This event is about:

  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Energy, and
  • Progress.






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