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January 2012

Brian Taylor

Title: President and Principal Consultant
Company: Growing Company Solutions, Inc.
Education: B.S. Biochemistry (Univ. of New Hampshire), Ph.D. Biochemistry (Univ. of Washington), MBA (Univ. of Maryland)

Brian Taylor is a life science commercialization consultant, helping technical people understand marketing, and marketing people understand technology, all with the goal of moving technologies out of the lab and into customers’ hands. He was raised a molecular biologist in academia and, after heading a research laboratory at Texas A&M University, converted to laboratory product marketing to bring kits to the masses. As a rookie Product Manager with QIAGEN, he marketed sequencing template preps to labs scaling up for the Human Genome Project and is amazed to be helping clients understand the diagnostic implications of third-generation whole genome sequencing only fifteen years later. Brian founded Growing Company Solutions in 2004 after ten years with QIAGEN, where he finished as a Global Director of Strategic Marketing. Either directly or through client organizations, Brian has worked with more than 75 companies. His consulting encompasses all of life science with a focus on laboratory products and personalized medicine, particularly as it relates to cancer. After careers as an academic, a corporate marketer, and an independent consultant, his ultimate career goal is to be a superangel investor (hey, it could happen!). Brian also serves the local entrepreneur community as Vice-Chair and Rockville Area Director for the MIT Enterprise Forum of Washington DC and Baltimore.

Christopher Crews

Title: Environmental Health and Safety
Company: Focus Safety Consulting
Education: AAS. Occupational Health and Safety

My name is Christopher Crews and I am an environmental health and safety specialist with Focus Safety Consulting. I have over 15 years’ experience working in environmental health and safety in the area of the life sciences. My greatest strength is laboratory safety compliance, specifically in structureing safety compliance programs for startup and small biotechnology companies.  I am a native of Baltimore City (Bawlmer) Maryland. I love steamed crabs. I am known as somewhat of a sports junkie and a true homer of the mighty Orioles and Ravens! I would love to put together a Baltimore Biotech Softball team someday so stay tuned for more information, or contact me if you are interested!  One of the most recent accomplishments that I am proud of is organizing the launch of “@BiotechLabSafet” twitter page, promoting lab safety and sharing health and wellness tips with the biotech community.

The thing that I like most about my particular line of work is providing affordable health and safety compliance services for smaller biotech companies. I have always believed that providing a safe workplace has a large impact in the success of any company, and I am very proud to provide this service to the smallest of companies. Even though I am already working in my dream job with Focus Safety Consulting, my goal is to help my company become the largest provider of environmental health and safety services in Baltimore and surrounding area. In addition, I am also commited to do my part (no matter how small) to help promote the socialization of my fellow biotech professionals.

Dr. Lakshmi Chandrasekaran

Title: Research Scientist
Company: Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Education: PhD in Biochemistry

Dr. Lakshmi Chandrasekaran is a research scientist working at WRAIR as a contractor for the DoD.  She received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Madras, India. She is an accomplished molecular biologist/protein chemist/cell biologist with extensive postdoctoral training in these fields. She is well experienced in planning and executing research projects and is an excellent communicator who can analyze and present research findings to a small group in departmental meetings as well as to a bigger audience in national and international scientific conferences. She has been a resident of Montgomery County, MD for over 15 years with her husband and their two wonderful kids.  When not doing research, she keeps herself busy gardening or quilting. For someone who was resisting joining any social media, getting a Linkedin account and meeting all the wonderful people through the BioBuzz networking events, they are her most proud recent accomplishments. She is looking to find a research position as a molecular biologist in industry or academia where she can keep her hunger for science satisfied. She hopes all the’ buzz’ about her will help with her career transition goals.

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