Like to Cook? Buy These Sauces & Mixes and You'll Be Helping to Fund ALS Research

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So we’re not really looking to make this blog an outlet for product advertising, but when a new (local) commercial company comes on the scene, and said company is donating a portion of its proceeds toward scientific research, well, to say the lease, we’re intrigued. So here’s what we know…

THE COMPANY: Gator Ron’s Zesty Sauces & Mixes is a start-up company (located in Montgomery County’s Bethesda Green incubator)  that is selling sauces and mixes to raise money for ALS Research.

THE BACKSTORY: The recipes for the products were created by Ron Griffith, who was planning to bring them to market until he was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 2007. While ill, Ron taught his wife how to make the sauces and mixes to ensure the flavors, textures and integrity of the products. He wanted to make sure she could replicate them exactly as he made them. Ron died in November 2011, and his wife teamed up with a friend of Ron’s (whose father-in-law also died of ALS) to launch the business in January. The products are manufactured by an FDA-compliant co-packer, and are gluten free, all natural, low in fat and calories, and come with healthy recipes for preparation.

THE DONATION: Ron was treated at the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins. The company is donating 10% of every bottle sold to the Robert Packard Center.

We encourage all of our members to go check out Gater Ron’s website and buy some sauces and mixes for a good cause!


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