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As the BioBuzz group has grown each month I’ve enjoyed being able to connect and chat with more and more people on twitter.  Now, I know that Twitter isn’t for everyone, but I’ve been a Twitterer for a few years now and really enjoy it.  I have built up a pretty good number of followers over the year, but one of the most useful reasons that I like Twitter is that I can categorize and organize everyone that I follow.  For instance, I have a BioBuzz twitter list, a Maryland Bioscience list full of companies, institutions and organizations in the bioscience industry within Maryland, a STEM Education list, a Towson University list, and so on.  Having these lists is very helpful to filter the people I follow and quickly get updates from the various groups or topics I’m interested in.  I remember though that when I was getting started on Twitter, determining who to follow and how to organize them was pretty challenging and frustrating at first. Especially as a Twitter novice, it was hard to wrap my hands around what seemed like a daunting amount of information and people to follow.

So for the benefit of all those who what to follow Companies, Organizations, Institutes and people within the Biotech industry here in Maryland, I’ve created a MD Bio Twitter List document to help you get organized and stay up to date on the information you want to know about.  The link below will allow you to view and utilize the list for your own Twitter enjoyment.

MD Bio Twitter List –

I’ve separated the list into 3 tabs containing 25 Organizations & Institutes, 27 Companies, & 43 People to follow, including their Bio’s.

I’ll be sure to update this list on a regular basis, so please let me know if you would like to be included in the list or if you find other companies or organizations that I should add.

Happy Tweeting!


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