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BioBuzz is a free group, but the benefits you’ll get are well worth paying for.  Below are some of the many great benefits to joining our group and attending the events.

  • FREE Monthly Happy Hours
  • LinkedIn Group Membership
  • Buzzworthy Member Spotlight
  • Jobs & Career Resources
  • BioMentor program
  • Preferred Provider Network
  • Press releases, Industry Buzz and news

Join our BioBuzz LinkedIn Group & start enjoying these FREE benefits!



Our Monthly BioBuzz Happy Hours are always FREE and are a great opportunity for you to connect and build relationships with your peers and colleagues from around the region.



We manage our group membership through LinkedIn, so by joining our LinkedIn group site you will get to connect with the hundreds of other BioBuzz members and life science professionals right here in our local region.  This is a great way to really get to know the group, see what other members are up to, and see who else you may know who is already a member.



Each month we select 4 BioBuzz members to be recognized and promoted on our website homepage as a Buzzworthy Member.  In order to be considered for selection, members must have attended at least two events and must be active participants in the group.  We recognize active participation as contributing posts to the LinkedIn discussion board, contributing blog posts to the website, inviting others to join the group and attend events, helping to organize or host events, promoting the group through social media or other methods, etc.



Joining the group will give you access to the latest jobs in our area and help connect you to a job referral network that gets you in touch with the companies who are hiring.  You can also post jobs that your company is hiring for in our LinkedIn group, or get a personalized job announcement that we can send out to the whole group.



BioBuzz is launching a BioMentor program in the Spring of 2012 to help develop the pipeline of Scientists & Engineers for our region and to help further connect Employers with top tier local talent and interns.  It doesn’t matter what level you are in your career, your experience if valuable for the program.  Sign up now to be a mentor and give back to the next generation workforce.



BioBuzz will be regularly polling the group to find the very best vendors and service providers that are adding great value to our companies.  We will be releasing this information to the group as preferred providers who will routinely offer specials and discounts to the group.



Through the linkedin group and the website we will provide a resource for our members to post Industry Buzz or important announcements, events, milestones, promotions, etc., from their company or organization.  We want BioBuzz to be a resource for information for everyone so we encourage you to utilize this valuable resource and help spread the buzz on your company.


Join our BioBuzz LinkedIn Group & start enjoying these FREE benefits!