Mobile App to Optimize Consumer Vitamin Product Selection

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The Digital Nutrition Advisor
Mobile App to Optimize Consumer Vitamin Product Selection
Digital Nutrition, LLC

Half of all Americans take vitamins. But how do they know which brand is actually best for them? One way is to watch advertisements. Another is to ask “experts” who promote their brands. Perhaps physicians know which is best. But at the end of the day, this is all guesswork.

Scientists know that a vitamin mix that is good for one person may not be as good for another. The reason is that we’re all different. We eat different foods. Our lifestyles and activities differ. We’re different ages. And men and women are different too.

Another critical difference is our genetic makeup. Our genes impact how our metabolism works. They interact with the things we put into our body. Anyone who’s tried to diet knows that the diet that works for their friend is almost certain to not work for them. Why? Because we’re all genetically different.

Scientists in genetics, biochemistry and nutrition have been decoding the specific differences that explain how our genetic system operates in conjunction and collaboration with the nutrients we ingest. While there remains a great deal of science to be developed, we have now sufficient knowledge to be able to give people a better way of identifying the vitamin products that are most likely to benefit them specifically.

Digital Nutrition is creating the first mobile application that unravels the genetic distinctions between us, so that we can identify which vitamin product may be best for us, and which may be best for somebody else. There are hundreds of different vitamin formulations on the market. Companies target markets based on crude age and gender groupings. The Digital Nutrition Advisor addresses the consumer problem of how to select the optimal vitamin product. This is a science-based software program that uses a person’s unique genetic profile for normal metabolism to identify the most optimal and least optimal vitamin mixtures, for that person. It delivers the power of nutrition and genetic science in an easy to use format. It allows users to get better results from their vitamin purchases.

We are assembling the Digital Nutrition Advisor development team. We seek creative, goal-oriented people with expertise in key fields such as nutrition, biochemistry, metabolism and genetics. We need mobile-app developers to create a fun, informative and easy-to-use app.

We also seek seed funding, to accelerate the development and marketing timetable.

The Digital Nutrition Advisor applies the U.S. patent 7877273, A System and Method for Evaluating and Providing NutriGenomic Data, Information and Advice. This patent was issued to Dr. Fredric Abramson on January 25, 2011. It expires in 2027.

The app will take the dosages for each ingredient in a vitamin product, and use an expert system algorithm to score the ingredient dosage based on the person’s genetic markers. The higher the score, the better the match between the genotype marker and the ingredient dose. An initial version is now under development. It will have three layers to engage and involve users.

The first layer will let users “estimate” their genotype based on what they observe about themselves, their phenotype. They will answer questions relating to lifestyle, diet and other factors they observe. This will not require the user to have an actual genetic test.

The second layer will use actual genotype data for markers that relate to differences in how each vitamin/mineral is metabolized and used. A simple cheek swab will provide the DNA. The app will have a click-through feature to sign up. The markers will be selected based on published, proven science.

The third layer asks the user for permission to measure other genetic markers that may play a role. The user will be asked to upload ongoing data about their diet and lifestyle (activities, sleep patterns, etc.) Data about other factors such as medications will also be captured. The user will be asked to provide data produced by laboratory tests of circulating vitamins/minerals and other clinical measures. Ultimately, we will capture data relating to genetic activity for the target genetic markers. The data we obtain will be used to spin back adjustments to the person’s scoring algorithm.

The Digital Nutrition Advisor is the first wellness mobile application that incorporates DNA data to evaluate over-the-counter products. The Digital Nutrition Advisor does not predict disease outcomes, nor does it claim to prevent specific diseases. Thus, it is not considered a medical device and does not require FDA approval. However, should the regulatory landscape change, we believe that the sound scientific and technologic basis for the Digital Nutrition Advisor will mean that the necessary approvals will be obtained.

The Digital Nutrition Advisor is the first step for lifestyle enrichment through the use of data about normal, non-disease, differences in genes that shape metabolism and physiology.

Digital Nutrition, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of AlphaGenics, Inc. Its focus is to use genetic-asset data to develop and market mobile data driven applications for consumers. Digital Nutrition will donate 20% of the profits to Fresh Start Science, a 501(c)(3)whose mission is to help single mothers enter the economic mainstream. Because proper nutrition is essential for both the mother and child, qualified single mother families will get the genetic test at no cost.

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