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Unlike many (most? all?) of our BioBuzz-ers, I’m not a scientist.  I have no formal education in the science realm, unless you count Environmental Science 101, Life Beyond Earth, and Astronomy 101, which are the only science courses I took in college. In fact, I accidentally fell into the world of science, first through my love of books and then through my allegiance to Johns Hopkins University. In other words, I’m probably as different from you as possible.

I’m also a social media junkie. I’m guessing we may overlap some there, as many of you may be (probably are?) on Twitter, Facebook, etc. At least, for personal reasons.

But if you work in the world of biotechnology, pharma, etc., worlds that are regulated by organizations like the FDA and policies like HIPAA – there is a good chance you’re not using social media for business purposes. At least, if you read all the “industry” articles, that’s what you’re hearing… that these industries are some of the last to “embrace” social media. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t companies and organizations out there who haven’t embraced the social media universe with both arms open wide, and it doesn’t mean there aren’t companies out there setting good examples. (Look at JNJ, Eli Lilly, and Maryland’s own Dynport Vaccine Corporation for examples of regulated companies doing social media right.)

So for the foreseeable future, my contribution to the BioBuzz blog will be a look at social media use, policies, and opportunities within the science/biotech/pharma/healthcare industries.

Do you have a question? Post it here and I’ll do my best to find an answer.

Is there a company you think is doing a great job in some way when it comes to social media? Let me know and, if I agree with you, I’ll make sure the work is called out.

Is there a new social media platform you’d like to learn about? Let me know.

I hope this column will be interactive. I hope you all will contribute and help guide me to writing about what you want to know. After all, that’s what social media is all about.


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